Kevin Noble/Rockford! May & NOV of 2014

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2012 Kevin Noble

MAY 2012 – Great show this past Saturday! Caryn Paolini placed 2nd in short in an amazing line-up. She was beaten by a beautiful bikini athlete that also took the overall. Kristin placed top 5 in her first ever competition and both are now qualified for Jr Nationals! They were both amazing on that stage and shined in true FAB form! The day proved to be filled with fun and team building! A huge shout out goes to Niki Bryant owner of B Xtreme Fitness in Rockford for letting us get in a workout, some zumba and if you can see in the picture a lot of nonsense! We all need some of that! Francine and Coach Staci along with Pride athletes Danielle Chikeles and Kate Lane handed out trophies for the entire show and it was a blast! Thank you Kevin Noble for having us do that! Next up for Team FAB is the UFE Fury on June 2nd!