Tanning Tips & Tid Bits

Prior to your Competition Color AIR Brush Spray tan
1-EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN.   Exfoliation should be done not longer than 24 hours out of appointment.
2-SHAVE YOUR LEGS AND UNDERARMS.  Shaving immediately after spray session will cause your spray to wear off quicker!
3-DON’T WEAR LOTION, PERFUME, OR MAKE-UP when you are going for spray session.  The chemicals in these products may interfer with tanning solution.  If deodorant must be worn, use lightly!! Avoiding deodorant is best!
4-WEAR LOOSE, DARK CLOTHES to spray session.  Black is safest.  Be cautious of tight socks, and strapped shirts!!  LOOSE is better!  Wearing a bra immediately after spray session is not recommended!!
5-PLAN AHEAD! Bring proper bottoms, if wearing, so you do not have noticeable tan lines while on stage!