FAP Midwest Results!

F.A.B. at FAP!! The ladies rocked it. This was a great show and some great competition. I stood back stage – looking at all of the amazing physiques in one room and took a deep breath.  FAP is unique in that the bikini round features also a themed sportswear round.  Judges really look at the total package on this stage and take into account more than just the physique. With that said, these girls BRING IT – not once but twice and are able to feature every asset in a classy and sexy poised delivery.  In figure, every girl is natural, conditioned, beautiful and perfect head to toe. Finally in the model round where areas are judged differently than in bikini, the ladies are sporty, trendy, sexy and have 3 outfit changes! With all this said – our girls took FIRST and SECOND  in bikini, figure, and model!!! Here is your line-up of how last night at the FAP turned out!

Julia – 1st in Figure open tall

Julia – 2nd in Masters figure

Phyllis – 1st in Bikini short

Jenn H. – 1st in Model

Jenn H – 2nd in Bikini Tall

Tammy – 2nd in Bikini Classic