Friends of Motiv8nU™

WE love these people, their services, their mission and most importantly their POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. We as a Team endorse what they represent, their products AND their services!

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Pride Nutrition

has been an invaluable sponsor, supporter and resource for all of Motiv8nU™ clients and competitors for over 3 years. Frank and Joe Bosco along with Joe Bonarigo work tirelessly to not only provide high quality supplements but to educate on all aspects of each item. They are a wealth of knowledge on everything in the supplement industry and Motiv8nU™ would not be where we are today with out them! Follow their amazing journey with all of their athletes on IG @PrideNutrition.

USE CODE – MOTIV8NU and get a discount on your Pride Nutrition Supplements!

Wanna know what Staci’s PRIDE stack entails? CLICK here – STACI’S STACK



WE LOVE our NEW Partnership with



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On average you spend 4-5 hours per week preparing your meals for the week. That equals roughly 20 hours per month on food preparation. What else could you do with 20 additional hours per month? Spend time with Family, Train, Practice your Poses or just rest after every intense workout.

Every Food Item is trimmed, weighed, cooked and shipped frozen in its very own Vacuumed Sealed Packaging.

Are you going out of town for business or vacation and do not want to have to lug 10lbs of cooked food through the airport? Shop with MAW and we will have it shipped to your destination. It’s just that easy.

You will find no salt, additional additives or fillers in our products. You can pronounce every ingredient on our labels.

CHECK out andsee how your life can be changed!

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BODY MORPH PROSA friend of Motiv8nU and ALL Midwest Competitors

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Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 10.05.00 AM is a friend of Motiv8nU and of all Midwest competitors. Eric & his team have shown over the years that they are driven to promote and be the voice of and for Midwest BodyBuilding.

Thank you so much for supporting our athletes, videoing their hard work, and interviewing their proud moments! Check out the Body Morph Pro site for discussion forums, events, podcasts, workout videos interviews, contest galleries AND coverage!




Dominique Vien of

Dominque Vien 360

is an amazing athlete in her own right with a unique gift of beauty, fashion, and design. She has already designed shoots for our athletes and will be working with our coaching staff on a very unique approach to finding your perfect empowerment pose whether it be on stage or behind the lens. We are very excited about our relationship and upcoming projects. Please take a peek at her fan page and IG @DominiqueVien360 for more about this amazing woman, her work and the beauty that she can find in all of us.



Don Bersano Photography 

Many of our athletes have had the honor of being on the other side of the Bersano lens. As the quote below states, his 30 years of experience is untouchable and undeniable in this industry. With the use of any photographic medium Don can and will capture exactly what you as the subject can only dream of. There are no words to describe the moment that you see yourself as he does. He is a master at his craft and we thank him for what he brings to us, the industry and to photography.

Quote from SmugMuG
“Don Bersano brings over 30 years of combined experience in the field of photography. Don has worked with some of the top names in the fitness industry. His ability to blend fitness and glamour along with his creative use of lighting, color and warmth in his images has made Don’s work instantly recognizable throughout the industry. His work has been published in numerous fitness, sports and mainstream magazines such as Maxim, Planet Muscle, Muscular Development ,Health&Fitness,MMA Sports and the Chicago Sun-Times along with ads for numerous fitness apparel and swimwear companies.”


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is a quickly growing fitness brand, that creates sustainable lifestyle behaviors that improve and enhance our community’s health, wellness, and longevity.  With a highly experienced team of over 20 years, they provide continued education and coaching in the areas of fitness, nutrition, supplementation, and most importantly mindset!  They have extensive online personal training programs and detailed exercise videos that assure the greatest results possible while taking all the guess work out of the process.   They completely understand one thing—in order for you to succeed you must be having fun and be addicted to results.  You can count on the Fitastic brand to be your most trusted resource to Inspire, Inform, and Improve your greatest way of life.
I have known Steve Trezak for 12 years and stand by his work ethic, integrity and character!  His personal mission in conjunction with the Fitastic Brand, is to share the greatest strategies in improving Mindset, Eating, and Moving most effectively to maximize ones best potential.   For any additional personal information about him, you can resource the ABOUT US  section on their website!  Connect with them on Facebook and on IG@feelfitastic


RX Girl

continues to promote and represent the female athletes in the fitness industry in a positive and motivating manner! We love Gail Aurebach and all that she brings to this sport. Thank you for always including our team and providing valuable, and real information that is relevant and applicable to our beloved fitness lifestyle! Connect with Rx Muscle on their home site and on IG @official_RXMuscle!




is not just a business but a mission, and a lifestyle that quite frankly has become a catalyst for a dynamic climate change in the fitness industry. This growing apparel group embodies the essence of the true fit lifestyle. Founder Dozie Onunkwo not only is a creative genius but holds a Phd in Biomedical Engineering that drives his passion for true health and wellness.  I believe everyone on our team owns at least one piece of BN Shape gear and will be adding to our collection by the day! Thanks Dozie for  your amazing contribution to the industry and for keeping us looking as good on the outside as we feel on the inside! Follow them on IG @bnshapeclothing and on their Facebook Fan page!



TLR79 Photography

Will Edwards has worked with some of our athletes, demonstrating a new and unique eye in the fitness photography industry. We love the time and attention put into the design and unique creativity behind each shoot. As athletes, we all want to feature the hard work commanded by our fit lifestyles. Finding the right photographer to capture the essence of our personalities and creatively connecting that to our physical presence is priceless! Will has managed to do that for us. Please take a look at his FB page and website at for more info!