Jenni Whipple

Jenni Whipple was always an active child if it was in 4-H, church programs, hiking in the Rocky mountains, or riding horses. She also participated in dance lessons, and even performed during a half time program for the Utah Jazz.

Her Dad, a photographer, took her to her first bodybuilding competition and that was when she really fell in love with the sport. When she was in high school she looked up to the female bodybuilders such as Corey Everson, Rachel Mclish, Bev Francis, and the others who she saw on the stage. Her goal was to someday be on that competition stage!

After High School she still tried to stay in the health and fitness industry but after meeting her husband, Scott, they started a family together and she focused her time on family, volunteering in the community (She was a girl scout leader for 7 years!) and on International Humanitarian efforts. It was after she saw a picture of herself in a swimsuit in 2005, she started to cry. She knew she had to make a change and make time for her to the gym and began training for her first “experience” of being on stage in March of 2006. That was her first competition and while she didn’t place in the show with over 100 competitors, she learned a lot from that show and began planning for her next competition.

Currently she is working toward winning her Pro Card in  natural bodybuilding while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She still spends her spare time with her family, volunteering.

Contest history and placings:

NPC Ottawa, IL 2005- “Experience”  Figure competition

NPC Illinois State Figure Championships 2006- 4th place Masters over 35

OCB Midwest States 2006- 2nd Place Figure Novice and 2nd place in  Figure Class 1

NANBF Great Lakes Super Natural Championships 2007- 1st place Top Cop/Firefighter,3rd place in Womens Open Bodybuilding and Womens Masters Bodybuilding

OCB Midwest States 2007- 2nd place womens Open Bodybuilding

OCB Indiana 2009 – 2nd place Womens Open Bodybuilding, 2nd place women’s Masters Bodybuilding

OCB Natural Indiana 2009-3rd place in Masters and 5th place in Open womens Bodybuilding

OCB Midwest States 2009 – 3rd place Women’s Open Bodybuilding

INBF Central USA Natural Bodybuilding, Fit Body & Figure Championships 2011- 1st Place  in Masters Women’s Bodybuilding, 2nd Place in Women’s Open Bodybuilding