Julia Keirse

Hi, I’m Julia (Geenen) Keirse.

All my life I’ve been an athlete, growing up in a big family of sports-lovers.  Dad was my biggest inspiration, teaching me tennis, football, softball, and basketball and cheering me on at my games. (He used to take me to Baskin Robbins for a brownie sundae each time I made a basket.) After college I joined a Bally’s gym to keep the weight off during my 60-hour workweeks sitting at a desk. When my husband, kids, and I moved to Europe, however, tennis was my main sport- I played competitively for five years in both Germany and France.  Upon return to the States, I played USTA travel matches in 4.0-4.5 singles until overuse resulted in a tendon tear in my shoulder. Surgery entailed stapling the tendon back on the bone, the end of my tennis career.  After nine months of physical therapy I found myself back in the gym, where a personal trainer asked me if I’d like to train with her team for a Figure Competition. I decided to go for it, brought home some shiny hardware from my first few shows, and am now hooked!   I am a proponent of NATURAL bodybuilding and would rather “lose clean than win dirty.”  I aim to be a role model for my teenage daughters who have picked up good, clean eating habits and participate in sports such as tennis, biking, yoga, and horseback-riding.  Besides my #1 job as mom, I’ve switched career goals from a former life as a CPA and benefits consultant to becoming a personal trainer.  I’m so excited to start classes at the National Personal Training Institute this January and achieve certification to take on my own clients.  I can’t wait to start spreading my passion for fitness and helping all those other moms out there to feel good about themselves too!