Kiki Dafnis’s Bio

My name is Kiki Dafnis.  I am finally following through on my goal of being a figure competitor, a goal I’ve had for 10+ years.  I started training back in 2002, but a medical issue requiring surgery to my arm sidelined me for nearly a year and then daily life, having a child, etc. forced me to put my goal on the back burner.  Prior to that, I had been an athlete much of my life, playing softball through college at the national level, but I had always been overweight.  I reached my highest weight of 230 pounds in 2001 before I decided to finally take steps to change my life.  Now I’m back to my goal and my journey, getting ready to take the competition stage for the first time in June 2012.  I discovered Team Motiv8nU after attending a local competition earlier this year, seeing the success of the girls on the team, and knowing that’s what I wanted too.

Liza, Kiki, and Anna D

Outside of training, I’m mother to a 7-year-old daughter who is a diva-in-training and a competitive allstar cheerleader.  I work as a Human Resources Manager for a small company in Northbrook, and also love my hobby of creating various fantasy, superhero, and fantasy costumes for myself and others to wear at fan conventions.  I am also returning to school this summer to pursue a degree in Health & Wellness Promotion.  I find the time for the gym and training in the very early morning hours, but making the time for it has led me to transform my body, with the help of Sandy and Staci, in ways I never thought possible.  I cannot wait to take the stage for the first time and see where this journey ultimately takes me!