Lori McGraw

My name is Lori McGraw.  I have been into fitness since I was 16 yrs old.  I got married and had two kids and blew up to 203 pounds after two pregnancies.  I had to work at getting my weight off and it was not easy but I did it.  Something was missing. When I was younger, I wanted to do bodybuilding, but didn’t have the confidence to do it.  Five months ago, I made the decision and the commitment to train for my first Figure competition.

It has been the most amazing, life changing experience for me. This even surpasses my experience of finishing an Ironman event.  This has changed my life.  i realized just how strong a woman I am.  You get to eat alot when you train for an Ironman, (carbs).  Figure Competition takes nutrition discipline to a whole different level.  I am so glad that Staci Boyer is my coach and I am blessed to be on Team Fab.  I went from 129 pounds, down to 112.8 pounds. I started at 18% body fat and right now I am between 10-12% body fat.

I am now 39 years old, soon to be 40, and in the best shape of my life. Thank you Staci for believing in me.